Friday, December 4, 2009

Korea, Home, Surprise

Well I lived to make it home safe and sound. I just finished a really amazing race (it went by so quickly) through Korea with my Brother. Korea was an industrial shock, to say the least, after living in Nepal for two months, so it took me awhile to adjust to the bright lights and massive department stores. We spent most of our time exploring Busan (where Doug has lived on and off for a year now), and it was nice to have my own personal tour guide who was equipped with more information and opinions about Korea than I could get my brain around. We ate some interesting traditional dishes, some of which lit my mouth on fire with spice.

My favorite day of all was our last day in Seoul when we went to a place most children go called Lotte World. This place is the largest indoor amusement park in the world. It had everything from roller coasters, to safari rides, they even had fake hot air balloons which floated above the vast space. Needless to say Doug and I fulfilled our shared childhood fantasy of the most amazing and spectacular amusement park a child could dream of. In our excitement we even bought ears to wear, mine were pink and looked like they had been taken off a carebear's head, and Doug's were antlers, in honor of Christmas. It was such a perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon away from reality, it was a welcomed reality from the one I faced everyday in Nepal.

Seeing the way in which Korea has so quickly developed was an interesting contrast to seeing Nepal struggle to stay alive under the influence of developed countries such as China and India. I could not imagine a better way to "complete" my trip to Nepal than to visit a country which (as Doug has told me) looked similar to Nepal less than 60 years ago. However the difference is evident in the culture and traditions of both countries, which is why Korea has managed to develop and Nepal has not. With this in mind I came to appreciate the simple tendencies of Nepal and the people who live in it, and to be honest, I would rather live in Nepal over Korea any day!
After what seemed like only a short amount of time I was back on the plane again, this time heading home. This arrival was particularly special because back in October I decided to be sneaky and change my flight to 6 days earlier than originally booked. This was all very sneaky because I neglected to tell my Boyfriend who was expecting me a week from now. I really did want to give him the best surprise and what better way than to arrive a week before the person is expecting you to? He nearly feel over when he saw me, it was a great reaction after such a long time apart. I am very glad to be home and I am excited that Christmas is around the corner, what a nice time to arrive home, it seems like everybody is in a better mood at Christmas, or maybe that is the Jet Lag talking... who knows.
In the next couple days I hope to put more photos of Nepal (my favorites) up on the Blog. After that maybe I will have to change the name of my blog to fit my life, we will see.